Mission: We make it easy for you
to do you and your Small Business
some good via Inbound Marketing
at no cost to you for a whole year
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People click a Topical Link App & land on a Dentist's website (for example) They don't know or care SmarterYellowPages did it. But the Dentist cares!

People search the Internet for Relevant Offerings. Apps take them to Blogs, Landing Pages, Newsletters, Procedures, Social Media, Websites, etc

This is Inbound Marketing! Because Inbound Marketing Matters!
People Google the Internet to Find Relevant Offerings
run from fears, run from love
run from work, run from play
run from yesterdays
run from tomorrows
run from successes
run from failures
run run run
run run

For many people, its not about running
  • Because its about replacing complex with simple and clarity

If You'd Like Simple & Clarity in Inbound Marketing

  • Then Inbound Marketing via Topical Link Apps Can be a Game-Changer for You

    • Because your Listing includes Topical Link Apps to your website pages. Links to About Us. Contact Us. Directions. Free Report. Guarantee. Management. Products. Services. Specials. Staff. Testimonials. Etc

    • And because your Listing also includes Topical Link Apps to your Review Venues. Links to Angie's List. BBB. Diamond Certified. Google+. InsiderPages. Yahoo. Yelp. Zillow. Etc. And to Venues like Blog. Facebook. Pinterest. Twitter. YouTube. Etc

    • And because you don't pay to create your Listing or its Topical Link Apps or host your Listing for a year
    • And Because Topical Link Apps transformed SmarterYellowPages from a common online Yellow Page Directory to a Honeypot of 1000's of Inbound Marketing Apps

Topical Link Apps Help People Find You

  • Because People use Google to Search the Internet for Offerings Relevant to Their Interests

    • People select Your Topical Link App when its Relevant to Their interests (aka Inbound Marketing)

  • The following is an example from the Residential Real Estate yellow page category

Marvin Gardens: Berkeley Office - Hopkins St Listing

  • People use Google to search the Internet for Offerings Relevant to Their Interests

    • They found every one of Marvin Gardens' 70 Topical Link Apps
  • Marvin Gardens' Topical Link Apps landed 8714 Prospects on Marvin Gardens' Website pages
  • Marvin Gardens' Topical Link Apps landed 8666 Prospects on Agents' Facebook. LinkedIn. YouTube. Website venues
  • Marvin Gardens' Topical Link Apps landed 3930 Prospects on Marvin Gardens' & Agents' Review venues
  • Marvin Gardens' Topical Link Apps landed 3358 Prospects on Marvin Gardens' Listing
  • Over 4.58 years Marvin Gardens gained 24668 Prospects, plus about 247 Clients, via its Topical Link Apps

    • And all the while Marvin Gardens gained New Prospects and New Clients via its Topical Link Apps
    • That didn't cost Marvin Gardens a cent!

      • Imagine This: No charge to create your Listing and Topical Link Apps and host your Listing for a year
      • Because all you need to do is submit the simple form below

  • Consider these two cases:
    • 97% of Marvin Gardens' 24668 Prospects are Unique
    • Or 48.5% of Marvin Gardens' 24668 Prospects are Unique
    • 97% or 48.5%, the cost of 24668 Prospects is the same
      • But the 97% case offers Twice as Many Unique Prospects as the 48.5% case
      • And the cost of a Unique Prospect by the 97% case is Half that of the 48.5% case
      • 97% of the Prospects Via Topical Link Apps are Unique
      • Once Your Topical Link App lands a Prospect on your website they explore it!

      • People just want Google to find Apps with Offerings Relevant to Their Interests

      • Your Topical Link Apps deliver Prospects where 97% are Unique. This is important
        • Because 97% means Topical Link Apps are Affordable and Cost-effective

  • Marvin Gardens' Website lands Prospects on its Website, too
    • Surveys like Why did you choose us? help you learn the ways Prospects become Clients
    • Put a link on your website for a Free Special Report
      • That way your Special Report also serves as a tool to build your Blog's mailing list
    • Another Example: If only 1 out of 100 Prospects become a Client via Topical Link Apps
      • Then Marvin Gardens would gain 54 Clients a year (24668/100/ 4.58 ~ 54)
        • If the value of an average Client is $5,000, for example
          • Then the value of 54 Clients via Topical Link Apps would be $270000 a year
            • Which doesn't consider the Lifetime Value of a Client

  • Seth Godin opines the Lifetime Value of:
    • Cable. Phones. Travel. Or Banking: Exceed $15,000
    • Your blog's posts will help you earn the Lifetime Value of your Client
      • If your posts are Anticipated. Personal. And Relevant
        • And because they Inform. Educate. Or Entertain
          • And because they don't sell anything
            • And because they demonstrate your Professionalism
              • And Know-how

    • I tally the Prospect count for each of your Topical Link Apps
      • And send Marvin Gardens emails with the Prospect count for each of its Topical Link Apps
        • You'll get emails, too: Because all you need to do is submit the simple form below!
      • Sizable Counts identify Topics of above average interest to Prospects

    • See all 70 of Marvin Gardens' Topical Link Apps by clicking this link:
Seth Godin promoted Permission Marketing (Now called Inbound Marketing)

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Mission:  We make it easy for you to do you and your Small Business some good via Inbound Marketing at no cost to you for a whole year
  • If you want proven marketing you'll love Inbound Marketing
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      • We'll do the rest
        • No charge for Year 1
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